About Us


KapitalTech (Registered as United Petro Finance Limited) is a leading FinTech in India which offers multiple products like unsecured loans and loans against property with customized loan repayments to its MSME customers.

We, at KapitalTech, are an innovative and highly passionate team that blends cutting edge technology with deep human insight into lending.

We aim at delivering instant hassle-free credit to a wider spectrum of MSME businesses including millions of unorganized enterprises with limited credit history or are highly leveraged on paper.

Dexter, our groundbreaking statistical modeling-based proprietary analytics engine, enables us to “see” beyond the perceived risk of traditional credit frameworks.

KapitalTech is backed by Fortune Financial Services (India) Limited, a conglomerate firm involved in Investment Banking , Housing Finance, Equities and Derivatives trading, Equity Research, Commodities Trading, Portfolio Management Services, Distribution of Mutual Funds & Insurance products.

What we do

We Simplify Lending

KapitalTech offers secured and unsecured business loans with customized loan repayments to suit the needs of its MSME customers. Our customers can choose from various options like collateral free, short terms loans or rolling working capital loans or long-term loans against property.

These loans are tailor-made to each customer segment and are aligned to the underlying cash flows of these businesses. We see beyond the ‘perceived risk’ tag that traditional financing channels have assigned these deserving businesses, by way of our highly researched and unique proprietary underwriting methodology.

Kapitaltech is committed to deliver financing to customers with a combination of superior underwriting frameworks, lightning fast speeds, hassle free documentation and truly customer-centric processes that deliver a visibly high standard of customer delight with a ‘WOW’ factor.


Beyond Desktop Credit to overcome "Perceived Risk"


Technology for "Hyper Efficiency" and "Super Agility "
Doorstep and online origination –
user experience-centric.
Automated data aggregation –
TAT Reduction and Fraud Check.
Insight analytics –
accurate credit decisions at break neck speed.
Technology enabled high frequency loan collection-
fraud & risk mitigation.
Predictive Alerts for Portfolio Monitoring.